Studios & Apartments with Sea View

Villa Flisvos complex consisted of fully equipped apartments, all of which have amazing sea view.


Villa Flisvos has 2 studios (one bedroom) and 11 flats (two bedrooms) all equipped with kitchen, bathroom, air-condition, TV-set, safe-box and just in front of the sea.

The first studio is on the ground floor and the second one is on the first floor of the Villa Flisvos.

Discover our accommodation: Studio | Apartment 1st Floor | Apartments Ground Floor


There are 4 studios (2 on the ground floor and 2 on the 1st floor) with kitchen, bathroom, TV-set and air-condition.

Apartment 1st Floor

6 apartments on the 1st floor. Every appartment has 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. The front room is equiped with TV, air-condition and Veranta. The back room has air-condition, a TV and separate balcony.

Apartment Ground Floor

5 apartments in the ground level with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. All rooms are equipped with air-condition & TV.