About Lefkada - Flisvos Seaside Apartments in Lefkada, Ligia
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About Lefkada

What to See

-The "Love Valey" at Paradissos,
-The traditional village of Katouna.
-Agios Varvaros church at Katouna village
-Saltmarsh of Alexandros.


Tavernas - Cafe - Entertainment

At Ligia Port and the main road, you will find traditional tavernas offering fresh fish and squid.
On the main road, bus stops transfer you to the places you want to visit.


What to find near Flisvos Seaside Apartments

- 100 meters away, just by the sea, you can find one traditional taverna that offers fresh fish.
- 150 meters away, another traditional and picturesque taverna with fresh fish.
- 500 meters away, at the port lot of taverns and a cafe will serve you with a pleasant.
- 200 meters away you will find bakeries, supermarket, internet cafes, bars, and car rental offices.
- 500 meters away, near the port, you will find boats rental office.


Flisvos Seaside Apartments is situated in the Northeast of Lefkada Island, 4 Km away from Lefkada City. You will find the traditional fisherman's village "Ligia".

Traveling to Lefkada

How to get to Lefkada by car, by Bus (KTEL), by airplane and by seaplane (Hydroplane).
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