Traveling to Lefkada - Flisvos Seaside Apartments in Lefkada, Ligia
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Traveling to Lefkada

How to get to Lefkada by car.

To visit Lefkada from the mainland of Greece there is no need to take any boat. A bridge connects Lefkada island with the mainland 24 hours a day.
The connection with Northern Greece helps also the immersed tunnel of Preveza-Aktio.
Lefkada Island stands 385Km away from Athens and 420Km from Salonica.


How to get to Lefkada by Bus (KTEL)

Lefkada is connected by busses 3-4 times a day from Athens also there are connection from Salonica, Patras, Ioannina, Agrinio, and Preveza.
KTEL Athens: 210 5250108
KTEL Salonica: 2310 545302
KTEL Lefkada: 2645 022364


How to get to Lefkada by airplane

From Greek airports and some overseas, there are flights to Aktion (Preveza) airport which is only 18Km away from Lefkada and there is a bus connection.


How to get to Lefkada by seaplane (Hydroplane)

Daily hydroplane flights connect Lefkada with Patras, Ioannina, Corfu, and Ithaca.


Flisvos Seaside Apartments is situated in the Northeast of Lefkada Island, 4 Km away from Lefkada City. You will find the traditional fisherman's village "Ligia".

About Lefkada

What to See: -The "Love Valey" at Paradissos, The traditional village of Katouna, Agios Varvaros church at Katouna village, Saltmarsh of Alexandros.
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